Dear Public Relations Manager, Here’s How to Use HackerNoon for Your Clients

25 Jan 2024

Congrats on the [milestone, product launch, funding news, partnership, app release, dope news drop here] for your client [name of trending startup surely about to be unicorn or die trying next week]. We appreciate you thinking of HackerNoon as a digital host for your story. Now lets talk about your options:

1. If the client owns the content, business blogging options are the best place to start.

Press Releases and Corporate Blog Posts are common examples of the business owning the content. With business blog posts, we create an audio file of story, translate it into 13 languages, and distribute the story across social media and niche technology blogs. You should expect similar but slightly better readership numbers than traditional press release sites. To publish any press releases or corporate blog posts, learn more about our business publishing options.

2. Would you like to interview or feature my client?

The best way for your client to be featured [about their expertise, their announcement, their words of any kinds] is to be published by HackerNoon’s distribution engine. Please create an account, write or upload a blog post, and submit that blog post directly to editors.

Click this button within any Story's Settings, and You Can Submit Your Draft to Human Editors for review.

You can submit your bylined piece directly to human editors via the site, and we will review your story within a week. All stories are reviewed according to our editorial protocol. Individuals, unlike businesses, can publish content for free on HackerNoon.

Some more information on the types of content people publish about on HackerNoon:

And some story templates to get your clients’ text interview submitted and published:

3. No I mean, I want you to stop what you’re doing and write about how [amazing, groundbreaking, first of its kind, etc.]’s my client’s business really is.

That’s not how this works. Individuals choose what to write about on HackerNoon. For writers you like, we recommend connecting via the social media links atop their profiles or better yet commenting on their existing stories to get noticed while contributing to the broader conversation.

Final Thoughts for PR Managers:

If you want your clients exact message delivered, you should consider: buying business blogging credits to republish, distribute, and validate verbatim posts. Here are some examples of tech companies leveraging this program: DataStax, BrightData, IONIS, MinIO, Obyte, Oracle Summit, and TimeScale. Pro tip for also delivering your clients exact message: buy niche ad inventory to reach relevant readers.

If you want your client to contribute to the broader conversation, you should consider: submitting original byline blog posts with or on behalf of your client (free!). Here are some examples of tech leaders leveraging this approach: Product Manager Nikola Ondríková, Podcaster Scott D. Clary, Software Engineer Alexander Makeev, Entrepreneur Markov Victor, CMO Lomit Patel, Technology Editor Zac Amos, and Founder Susie Liu. Pro tip for also contributing to the broader conversation: start a writing contest to drive discussion and reward top writers about your #tech-topic of choice (more info).

Thank you for emailing me, next time just read this post, and I’ll see your story in the editorial queue.