'Multimodal is the most unappreciated AI breakthrough' says DoNotPay CEO Joshua Browder

10 Apr 2024

Joshua Browder, Founder/CEO of DoNotPay, joined the HackerNoon community to discuss AI agents, dividends, and what's next for DoNotPay.


Tech Company News Data Dump on HuggingFace: 3M Most Cited Posts About 3k Most Valued Tech Companies

8 Feb 2024

HackerNoon curated and open sourced the internet's most cited 7M+ tech company news articles and blog posts about the 3k+ most valuable tech companies.


Headset Reality Wars: Meta @ $1B Quarterly VR Revenue & Apple Vision Pro Sells 200k Units in 10 Days

6 Feb 2024

Reality Labs, the VR subsidiary of Meta, passed $1B in Q4 VR Revenue, according to Meta’s earning call. Apple Vision Pro sold 200k units in its first ten days.


Dear Public Relations Manager, Here’s How to Use HackerNoon for Your Clients

25 Jan 2024

Hello we appreciate you thinking of HackerNoon as a digital host for your story. Now lets talk about your options to get media for your clients from HackerNoon


Ship Smaller Units of Software and Limit the Sizes of Your Local Host Branches

19 Jan 2024

As I product manager, early on with most software developers I work with, I end up saying: ship smaller units of software and limit the size of your branch.


Technology's 24 Most Important Social Networks for Content Distribution

8 Jan 2024

I've spent 10+ years distributing tech content to technologists & tech companies as founder/ceo of hackernoon. Here's my take on these networks' positionings.


The 2020s AI Boom is Driven by Transparency of Documentation

11 Oct 2023

When one tech giant is behind, they simply open source the next model to catch up. Then any independent project can make small tweaks on that level up.


Web3 Backups: All HackerNoon Stories Now Republish on Arweave

15 May 2023

Web3 Backups for all HackerNoon stories. HackerNoon’s published over 1 billion words, and now all those words and stories are backed up on Arweave.


Google's 24 Most Popular Idioms Depicted by the Kandinsky 2 AI Art Model

3 May 2023

I found the internet's most popular 24 idioms, and used the HackerNoon editor to create Kandinsky 2 AI images for each idiom.