Google's 24 Most Popular Idioms Depicted by the Kandinsky 2 AI Art Model

3 May 2023

I Googled, “most popular idioms” and this rich snippet included these 24 idioms:

As idoms are defined as “ group of words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words," I thought it would be fun to challenge a machine to deduce and visually produce what humans mean by our idioms. Within the HackerNoon story draft, I typed these idioms into our AI image generation system using the Kandinsky 2 model.


Break a leg

Bite the bullet

Call it a day

Beat around the bush

Go down in flames

It takes two to tango

Actions speak louder than words

Through thick and thin

Jump on the bandwagon

On cloud nine

The Whole Nine Yards

Speak of the devil

Come rain or shine

A penny for your thoughts

Ignorance is bliss

Throw caution to the wind

As right as rain

Better late than never

Raining cats and dogs

A blessing in disguise

Sitting on the fence

A dime a dozen

Head in the Clouds

I’m very encouraged by how quickly the indie models are catching up to the mainstream models. Within the HackerNoon story draft editor, you can now prompt Kandinsky 2, Midjourney Diffusion, and Stable Diffusion 1.5-2.1 (with negative prompts too). Comment below if there’s another AI image generation model you’d like us to add to HackerNoon.