Meet Rootstock Labs: HackerNoon Company of the Week

16 Jun 2024

Another week, another Company of the Week newsletter! Every week, we feature an awesome tech brand from our tech company database, making its evergreen mark on the internet. This week, we are proud to present RootstockLabs - a key contributor to Rootstock, the first, biggest, and longest-lasting Bitcoin sidechain!

RootstockLabs specializes in pioneering innovative solutions within the blockchain space, empowering developers with funding, technology, and marketing support to expand the frontiers of decentralized technology and make Bitcoin work for everyone.

Rootstock is the first, biggest, and longest-lasting Bitcoin sidechain. It is the only Bitcoin layer 2 that combines the security of Bitcoin's proof-of-work, with Ethereum's smart contract capabilities. It's is open-source, EVM-compatible, and secured by over 60% of Bitcoin’s hashing power. And with integrations to SushiSwap, Symbiosis, Oku, Tropykus, Asami, and many more, Rootstock represents a gateway to a vibrant ecosystem of dApps that continues to evolve to become fully trustless.

Rootstock Labs <> HackerNoon Tech Community

RootstockLabs is currently sponsoring the Bitcoin Writing Contest on HackerNoon, with a whopping prize pool of $17,500 for the blockchain community!

See the contest announcementhere.

Meet Rootstock Labs: #FunFact

Did you know that Sergio Demian Lerner, Chief Scientist at RootstockLabs, was the one to identify the “Patoshi Pattern”? Sergio started working with Bitcoin as a core developer at the Bitcoin Foundation, moved on to be a security auditor for Ethereum, and then, with a few Argentinian Bitcoiners in 2015, kickstarted a Bitcoin-focsed project, now known as Rootstock; the first, and longest-lasting Bitcoin sidechain.

“In 2015, it was the time of the block size wars. There were a lot of problems upgrading Bitcoin. So we said: how can we build on top of Bitcoin? How can we create this open permissionless financial system on top of Bitcoin in a way that doesn't require a change to Bitcoin, [how can] we can show the world the power of layer 2s. And that’s where Rootstock came.

And what I found was that the use case for Rootstock was mostly in Latin American for people that needed a way to protect their savings, to escape the capital controls, to be able to trade globally with all the restrictions that they had.”

~ Sergio Demian Lerner, Chief Scientist at RootstockLabs, and cofounder of Rootstock sidechain.

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