University of Buenos Aires And Archisinal Partner To Revamp UBA Law Facilities Using Polkadot

2 Jul 2024

**LONDON, United Kingdom, July 2nd, 2024/Chainwire/--**Web3 data platform Archisinal has announced a collaboration with the Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Lab (UBA IALAB) of the University of Buenos Aires. The entities have partnered to develop a Polkadot-based project that will revamp the UBA law facilities.

Archisinal will work with UBA’s Web3, Blockchain & IA Lab to apply blockchain technology to design and urbanism. Students, architects, and members of the academic community who wish to be part of the project are invited to participate in a contest to transform the faculty’s Hearing Room into a smart classroom.

Through its blockchain platform, Archisinal will leverage Polkadot’s blockchain framework and oversee the contest. It will determine the steps required to execute the work and conduct the project with the aid of collective financing delivered using blockchain.

The project will serve as a pilot for Archisinal to validate the value behind its project, allowing it to prove its MVP in a university and collaborative environment. The initiative provides an exemplary use case for blockchain’s application within the academic sector. It will drive and promote community aid within Buenos Aires while contributing to the maintenance and refurbishment of public infrastructure.

The University of Buenos Aires has already begun exploring the benefits of applied blockchain technology through its Web3, Blockchain & AI Lab. Archisinal, which is deeply rooted in the Polkadot ecosystem, will build upon this foundation and identify new applications for blockchain technology at UBA.

In January 2023, UBA IALAB, together with adLIB! and its Director Marina Marchesotti, established a partnership with Polkadot Blockchain Academy. This academic proposal, created by Dr. Gavin Wood, held its second edition at the UBA Faculty of Law. The partnership with Polkadot Blockchain Academy has brought numerous benefits to the academic and Polkadot communities through their continuous and close collaboration.

Archisinal’s collaboration with UBA will provide the impetus for a number of future university initiatives that are in the pipeline. Recent winners of a scholarship program from Decentralized Futures of the Web3 Foundation, Archisinal have won three hackathons in 2024.

The partnership between UBA IALAB and Archisinal will serve as a case study for blockchain implementation, aiding academic research and developing future industry leaders. In the process, it will add value to law students by creating a technological and innovative space at one of Argentina’s leading educational institutions.

About Archisinal

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About University of Buenos Aires

The University of Buenos Aires is a public research university situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Established in 1821, it has educated 17 Argentine presidents, produced four of the country's five Nobel Prize laureates, and is responsible for around 40% of the country's research output. Learn more:



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