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Sunsetting Our Coil Integration

2/7/2023 by David Smooke

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Coil Technologies decided to sunset Coil, the web monetization initiative based on the Interledger protocol. At HackerNoon, we published ~5k web monetized blog posts, meaning Coil subscribers streamed micropayments to thousands of HackerNoon contributors via the web browser. We’re proud to play a small part in this Web Monetization experiment to sustain digital writers beyond ads, paywalls, and incumbent central entities.

As Coil sunsets their primary product, our partnership agreement is ending earlier than planned, but Coil Technologies will continue as a business entity and a HackerNoon shareholder.

Logistically for HackerNoon writers, payments earned via Coil are exactly where they are already are - directly in your wallets. After Coil sunsets in the coming weeks, we will remove Coil web monetization tags from story pages and remove payment pointers as a setting’s options under the rewards tab. Writing contests, also in the rewards tab, remain unaffected.