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About Scaling a Startup and Growing a Dedicated Fully-Remote Software Team [SaaS Unbound Podcast]

2/16/2023 by David Smooke

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Here’s my new interview with the SaaS Group. Their new podcast (I’m the third guest!) is SaaS Unbound. I am also testing out HackerNoon’s new Youtube embed + transcript function. Featured image credit is HackerNoon AI for prompt of ‘mountain man takes zoom call in front of green pixelated clock. three percent of those watching go on to start uber successful saas companies.’ I haven’t watched it yet, but I do recall having an interesting discussion about how a founder’s personality will make it’s way into the company’s operations one way or the other.


David Smooke
David Smooke 3/15/2023

The AI man in the featured image does not look like me.