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Ten #Noonies2022 Awards Worth Voting On

8/19/2022 by David Smooke

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#Noonies2022 is live! We are excited to recognize and celebrate the people who make the internet happen. Our Noonies voting software has now powered over half a million votes. With this new Star Trek themed instance at Noonies.Tech we are recognizing the technology industry’s most important bloggers, coders, leaders, writers and creators. Live long and prosper!

Here are the Ten #Noonies2022 Awards I have my eyes on!

Contributor of the Year - DAOs

I’ve been reading a lot about DAOs latey, and while most still fail in terms of engagement and practice, the underlying idea, decentralizing an organizations’ decision making, is so fun! I voted for the Futuristic Lawyer.

The Metaverse of Madness

I nominated Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg here because I thought this BusinessInsider headline justified consideration for this esteemed award: Mark Zuckerberg's metaverse obsession is driving some current and former Facebook employees nuts: 'It's the only thing Mark wants to talk about'

The Skynet Award

Love me some Terminator. I voted for 23andMe here as questionable practices around reselling DNA are very on brand for SkyNet.

Contributor of the Year - CSS

As I’ve been collaborating with developers more, I’ve been trying to learn how to pass off better work, so these CSS stories have been very educational for me. I voted for Taimoor Sattar.

Contributor of the Year - Business Strategy

I enjoy reading about business strategy as it helps me do business but is usually rooted in deeper life implications. I voted for Qin Ein (I enjoyed doing his podcast parents.fm too).

Best Tech Management Newsletter

As a CEO in tech, I ended up subscribing to the all the first 8 nominees, and ended up voting for Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

The New Gizmo with the Most Gadget-y-ness

I voted for TidByt as I’m a sucker for in office pixelation.

Indie Game of the Year

I don’t really game anymore… so I didn’t know who to vote for! But I think the video game industry is better off with more independent makers, so I’ll be checking back later to see all the nominations.

AND FOR FUN: Who is the Real Captain Kirk? & Who is the Real Spock?

These ones feature all of the actors who have ever played the respective character on the big screen. Why not? It’s the Noonies! Vote today.


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