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Introducing Coin Price Pages: Where Crypto Prices Meet Stories

8/8/2022 by David Smooke

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Cryptocurrency is one of the cornerstones at HackerNoon. We’ve published tens of thousands of stories about #blockchain, #bitcoin, and just about everything else surrounding #cryptocurrency since 2016 (back then, the term #web3 had not even been coined!).

But as the crypto space is evolving, so is HackerNoon and our next step is to give our readers and writers better data within our technology publishing platform. In order to do that, we’ll be adding cryptocurrency price pages at hackernoon.com/coins and individual coin price pages like $BTC, $ETH, and $USDT. These coin price pages combine curated stories with timely data to form a qualitative and quantitate hub about each top cryptocurrency.

What Makes Up Each Coin Price Page?

First off, price and market cap are treated as design equals atop the page. Why? Because too much of the crypto and mainstream media talk about Bitcoin breaking $10k, $20k, $50k, etc. (ie price per unit), but in reality, what they should be talking about is the aggregate growth of the pie, i.e. $300M, $500M, $1B, etc. (ie. market cap). This simple but important distinction is missed by most mainstream media.

As a source to learn about cryptocurrency, we have opted to start with these data points atop the page to emphasize the aggregate long-term growth as equal to short-term price fluctuations.


We are partnering with CoinMarketCap and pulling in API prices that are adjustable by day, week, month, and year.

That’s not all! Our VP Engineering Richard has built a line graph that displays a HackerNoon clock icon to indicate times when a HackerNoon story was published with this coin as a tag. This is a point of curation, visually mixing raw data with timely stories.


Below the graph, we also display more data points relevant to coin price evaluations, trading volume, and circulating supply. In the future, are looking to display more cryptocurrency pricing and usage data on this page.

You will also see relevant stories about the cryptocurrency from HackerNoon stories and around the rest of the web. These curated stories match the time frame selected on the graph with the first list being generated from reading time on relevant tagged stories via the HackerNoon API and the second list of stories around the web is powered by our partner Bing News’ API (which we also use to curate tech company news pages).


Towards the bottom of the Coin Price Page, we are also actively writing, crowdsourcing, reviewing, and editing a Wiki on each cryptocurrency. This will include details about such tokens’ tech stack, founding story, business development, internet history, milestones, and more. This content will be consistently updated over time, providing an original and fact-checked editorial perspective defining each cryptocurrency that breaks the $1B market cap barrier.

The Cryptocurrency Coin Ranking Page

HackerNoon’s Coin Price Ranking page will list prices, data, and stories on the world's cryptocurrencies. It is sortable by market cap, price, price change in 24 hours, and for fun, alphabetical. Let us know in the comments how you’d like these pages to evolve :-)

As a technology publishing platform, we’re concentrating on integrating more API-driven data sources about companies, cryptocurrencies, software and people to better reflect the technology industry. These coin price pages will be a quantitive and qualitative destination to learn more about what’s happening with every top cryptocurrency.


Utsav Jaiswal
Utsav Jaiswal 8/8/2022

This looks like a great start in helping correlate price movements with actual verifiable content

Mónica Freitas

What an amazing new feature! HackerNoon helping us track crypto fluctuations 💚

Victor Fabusola
Victor Fabusola 8/11/2022

This is such a cool feature, T

Olayimika Oyebanji


Fabian337 10/4/2022

Yupp the future of currency!